Pat Bertram

About Bertram

Pat Bertram is a native of Colorado.

When the traditional publishers stopped publishing her favorite type of book -- character and story driven novels that can't easily be slotted into a genre -- she decided to write her own.

Grief: The Great Yearning is Bertram's first nonfiction book to be published by Indigo Sea Press. Her suspense novels, Light Bringer, Daughter Am IMore Deaths Than One, and A Spark of Heavenly Fire, are also Published by Indigo Sea Press and available online wherever books are sold.

Bertram's publisher says: "I was told by some other small publishers with whom I had done research that I was going to get mountains of unacceptable crap for every worthy thing I received. So when I got Pat's manuscript for A Spark of Heavenly Fire, which was like the first submission to my new publishing company, I thought, 'OMG, is this possible?!' I knew in the first 20 pages that she was the real thing." 

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